• Cater with Bakerhaus! <br/>Make Every Meeting Delicious!

    Cater with Bakerhaus!
    Make Every Meeting Delicious!

    You have an event where you like to provide snacks for tea / coffee breaks or full meal for your guests? No matter whether it is in your office or at home, you can count on us to respond quickly to your needs, provide natural food according to traditional European recipes and, as usual, take food safety very very seriously.

  • Authentic Baked Specialities!

    Authentic Baked Specialities!

    Europe, and particularly Germany, has a powerful bread culture stretching back thousands of years. Bakerhaus follows these traditions choosing to forgo all methods of industrialized food production.

    We bake for a small community, are detailed focused, use time to gently and naturally develop flavour and hand craft every single bakery produce.

    From light, buttery French croissants to rich flavourful Pizza every product represents a healthy choice that is high in nutrition, safe and tasty.

  • Experience the flavour of a thin crust pizza!

    Experience the flavour of a thin crust pizza!

    Rich, crispy dough baked to perfection, topped with very generous portion of home made tomato sauce and only the freshest ingredients. Add to it our obsession with details and quest for perfection and you get a unique experience for your taste buds!

    Warning: Our Pizza is highly addictive! Once you try it you may never want anything else.